10 Reasons Why You Should Prototype before Developing


Creating a prototype of a project is an essential step. It’s not just to have a clear concept, but to ensure that you have a clear roadmap for your plan.

Here are some of the reasons why you should prototype:

1. Prototypes help you win the client
Having a working prototype makes it easier to bag the client because they can see the end design instead of just imagining it. Besides, prototyping comes at a reduced cost- creating a prototype is a lot less time consuming and more fun than creating very detailed specification documents.

2. Building a prototype gives you a sense of clarity
Without a defined concept, you can easily set your app up for failure, and it’s hard to determine your idea without a roadmap and a visual aid, such as a prototype. Your roadmap helps you to define and sharpen the concept of your concept by mapping out the overall journey.

3. You can solve issues early in the process
With prototyping, any potential problems with your design concept can be found soon and solutions crafted and molded to enhance your design to make it workable. Find any issues early, fix them, and get on to the business of turning your idea into reality and profit.

4. Prototyping can help you make revisions in a time-efficient manner
Designers and engineers who work with prototype machines are trained to help you get the most from your project promptly. Working with a host of top manufacturers daily can bring a wealth of experience to the table every time.

5. Opportunity to analyze differing product ideas quickly
You can easily try different variations of product ideas with prototyping methods. Try different parts, angles, component relationships, and navigate a host of twists and turns with ease to ensure the end project will live up to its maximum potential.

6. Prototypes help you get started quickly
Procrastination is a problem both on a personal and an organizational level. Many opinions, many ideas, many constraints. Prototyping lowers the bar, makes the first step less dramatic, and allows you to get started quickly.

7. Prototyping unleashes your creativity
The most fun stage of developing an idea is prototyping. At this stage, different designs can be tried out, changes made quickly and different directions explored. Knowing that what you are working on is an idea that can be iterated and changed easily is key to a successful creative process.

8. Helps you scale costs and plan your projects
Having a functioning prototype earlier on gives a much better idea of what level of work will be involved in the project as a whole and what the costs are likely to be. It lets you plan out your project better and allocate the right amount of time to each section of the team.

9. Prototypes help you get feedback easily
Whether you have customers, clients, or other stakeholders, feedback will be vital for your project’s success. And the sooner you can get it out in their hands, the quicker you can get that precious feedback.

10. Prototypes enable you to file patents more easily
In the US, the Patent and Trademark offices use the “first to invent rule” to patent ideas. Therefore, the sooner you conceptualize your project, the sooner you can patent it.

Creating a prototype before developing an idea significantly helps smoothen out the process of bringing your idea to life.