Best way to manage your HR Department using technology

Managing the human resources department of a company requires commitment and dedication. The time to develop a successful idea and take it to the next level, as well as the capacity to keep the company among the top ten, are challenges that require great responsibility.

Faced with a growing wave of organizational digital culture, INVID can help your human resources team benefit from accessible and dynamic tools. Through ShareStacks you acquire tools for easier user adoption, allowing them to work better and faster. Sharestacks has four major areas that will help you meet your goals.

Configure each site with your corporate brand so users get the experience they expect from your organization, while you leverage the power of the SharePoint & Office365 platform. Calendars, directories, galleries and even employees’ birthday dates are part of this responsive design experience. For more information visit:


Stay current with policies and procedures, online recruitment and employee profiles with a complete and effectively developed portal. Likewise, you can provide online training and give your employees the ability to fill out forms.


Provide an easy and agile way for processes such as: absence request, project/task follow-up and facility booking / room reservations. Need a custom one? Let us help you create your own!


Through Collab, you integrate efficient tools to improve the organizational culture of your company with Yammer. Configure virtual spaces for your work-group to further strengthen the capabilities of your team.

Are you ready to make your HR dream team?