Educational Assessment Web Platform – Department of Education

Project Description


This is an educational assessment using a web application on the Microsoft Azure platform. The test allows administrators to receive results in real time and stores data if internet connection is lost.


The Department of Education of Puerto Rico is the executive department of the Government of Puerto Rico responsible for managing state-operated schools in the country as well as its education system.


Every year in May, the Department of Education of Puerto Rico runs a national test called Meta PR. The Meta PR test is carried out in order to measure how students are performing in their academic achievements.

In addition to this, the new administration decided to develop an annual benchmark test to occur every February. This test assesses the students before the national test so as to give the teachers time to take necessary corrective action by working on the areas that need improvement in order to improve the student’s national test results.

The Department of Education and its desire to get on board with the new technologies opted to conduct the test online for many reasons. One of them was to meet with the needs and habits of this new generation. In addition to this, they wanted to make it a more dynamic experience, to reduce the costs of logistics and printing, and finally, to have the results available fast, giving ample time for corrective measures to be carried out before the national test in May.

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Web Platform”
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Our team built the platform for the online test and ensured that it could provide results in real time. It was developed entirely on Microsoft Azure.

The result is a great web application wholly customized and based on the client’s specific needs. It was integrated with Office 365, which is also used by the department itself. On Azure, it is also combined with cognitive services, SQL Azure database, App Services, Azure Storage, Traffic Manager, Power BI for reporting and analytics, Azure AD Premium and Office 365.





Online assessment allows students to break with the rudimentary paper testing process and help them work in a simple and time-saving way.

Yamitza Rosas, Dr. Carlos González High School Aguada, PR


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