Modern Digital Workspace Implementation at Grupo Guayacan

Project Description


A modern workspace implementation that fosters collaboration and communication within the organization. With the Sharestacks implementation, Grupo Guayacán will leverage all the tools within Office365 and more task-oriented and planning functions without paying for third-party software.


Grupo Guayacán, Inc. is a private sector non-profit organization founded in 1996 with a unique model that has coupled private equity investment with a series of programs aimed at developing, strengthening, and advancing Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Grupo Guayacán needed to find a way to streamline their information management processes. As their organization continued to grow, they began to have more and more people in their organization. Thus people were either working simultaneously on numerous things or were working on the same document; this is when their document management became an evident issue. In order to keep up with their growing organization, Grupo Guayacán needed to find better ways to communicate internally.

Our group realized that Grupo Guayacán had been using Microsoft Office365 since the beginning, but didn’t even know they had all the tools they needed for this as part of their Microsoft Office suite. The administration was paying for other products that did not compliment the Microsoft Office platform. So what they were doing was solving a short-term problem, but creating a longer-term problem for the organization.

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As the organization grew, they found that they needed to find the tools to manage that growth. They needed to be able to communicate effectively not only internally but with their external stakeholders as well. With all the deadlines provided for INVID, Guayacán received their platform in a short period and started managing their documents instantly.


BRAND encouraged the collaboration and communication in the company to be more organized and centralized by transforming their SharePoint intranet portal into a modern and responsive design. With Sharestacks, Guayacán was able to leverage all the tools within the Microsoft Office Suite, specifically SharePoint, OneDrive and other things like the more task-oriented and planning functions.


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“Our team’s recent experience has been extremely valuable for us. I fully recommend INVID to solve your different business challenges. In the case of Sharestacks, it has allowed us to supercharge our corporate internet to levels that we didn’t really think were possible before using the platform.”


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