Grupo Universal Case Study

Project Description

The Challenge
Grupo Universal was experimenting administrative difficulties in document and control management. The first problem identified was the system they were using to manage administrative and corporate documentation including policies and procedures affecting several processes within the organization. Financial and marketing issues also aroused in the companies allied to Grupo Universal.

The Solution
With Sharestack, INVID developed virtual working groups that allowed 2,000 employees to work collaboratively in an efficient way. Also, created virtual libraries with the purpose of storing policies and procedures and a digital file system that saves personnel information in an individual and systemized way.

The Impact

  • Avoided a substantial investment in human resources and infrastructure with a reduction of 40% of the projected budget
  • Provided a scalable platform that will grow with the company over time
  • Faster way to locate information
  • Email usage between coworkers is more effective
  • Eased decision making
  • Improved teamwork, collaboration and business productivity
  • Personnel have availability and easy access from anywhere at any time

At a Glance

Customer: Grupo Universal
City: Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Yammer

"INVID was such a great support to us, to those needs and they showed us the best way to present Universal Plus. INVID was that complementary piece for those situations, small situations that aroused and they found the best possible solution to implement our tool Universal Plus using SharePoint Online.”

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