10 Reasons Why You Should Prototype Before Developing


Prototypes have been models of many famous technological improvements

For designs developed on software that have many changes variables and unknown logistics, prototypes are essential. Prototyping is a vital component to ensure optimum success so, in essence, prototyping is a project test run.

Some of the benefits of prototyping before developing are:

  1. More Iterations = Better Product For a product to be successful, it needs to be evaluated before and the prototypes allow you to know if you meet the expectations of the users. The more opportunities you get to fix something, the result will be better.
  2. Get Started Quickly Prototyping allows you to get started quickly. Continuous prototyping keeps the momentum up.
  3. Increase Trust From supporting you define a concept, allowing you to solve unexpected issues, getting up-to-date insightful feedback and providing you to better manage your time and money, prototyping is important for a business’s success. Business designs and their progress are predicated on the amount of trust people have in the idea’s potential to achieve their goals.
  4. User Involvement Increases user involvement in the product even before the implementation. Users can be included in the planning, development, and delivery of the product or service. In this way, they will feel more comfortable with the final development process.
  5. Understanding System Since a functional model is displayed, the user gets a better perception of the system is begin developed, having a complete visualization of the entire project.
  6. Reduces Time and Costs Rapid prototyping greatly reduces the production costs of the project. Time savings help organizations gain a competitive advantage with more reliable results.
  7. Functionality Identification All the miss functionality can be identified more easily testing your project or design before placing it on the market.
  8. User Satisfaction Confusion or difficult functions can be identified much easier which gives satisfaction and trust to the user in the whole planning process.
  9. More Reliable Solutions Quicker user feedback is available leading to more reliable solutions. Gaining feedback from potential users and customers can enable the incorporation of practical usability data into the development process.
  10. Increased Creativity Final stakeholders are involved as designers while asking questions about how things will develop. In this way, everyone can contribute in a creative way to the project.

“Prototyping is like the conversation that you have with your ideas.”
-Tom Wujec, Design Thinker

For projects that require constant support, end-user feedback, and implementation, prototyping is a must. Prototyping instantly defines the course of the whole project.

As prototyping technology and techniques have been improved dramatically, designers have more possibilities to create quality and well-designed work, giving you a competitive advantage. Prototyping before developing, guarantee the optimum success for the organizations.

“Prototyping is so powerful because you’re aligning the needs of the end consumer with the capabilities of the organization.”
–Ilya Prokopoff, Partner and Managing Director IDEO SF

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