4 reasons to use SCRUM in Software Development

The organization is the key to success when we talk about project development. Many companies opt for methodologies that serve as allies in creating programs, applications or digital tools that enrich the work.

At INVID, we chose SCRUM to manage our projects. SCRUM is a software development model that allows step by step to set up a plan successfully. Its agility is just one of the many characteristics that we highlight of this methodology.

1. Helps save time and money

With a traditional method and a responsible team, you can achieve wonders through SCRUM. The ability to manage tasks in an organized way and have the planning necessary to reach them, make it a crucial tool to save time and money. 15-minute daily meetings ensure that the process is at the correct stage, as established at the beginning of the project.

2. Encourages teamwork

With the division and assignment of roles and tasks efficiently, this methodology helps us to work successfully on a project.

The “product owner” and the “team” are complemented by the SCRUM Master, a resource that helps and supports the mission. The possibility of appreciating the progress of the work offers a guarantee that the process will be transparent and by the established.

3. It adapts to the company

The SCRUM methodology also provides the possibility of adjusting to the companies that use it. In this way, not only the idea of an organized production of tasks is conceived, but also a plan that goes hand in hand with the company in charge of the project and its characteristics.

4. It is easy to use

Through a methodology like SCRUM, the integration of all the parties involved in a project is successfully achieved. The participation and management of SCRUM are simple and easy to handle for all stages. In the same way, it has a record of work done and is monitored to achieve it efficiently.

Additional benefits:

➡ Fast response to changes.
➡ Functional tests are frequent in the process.
➡ Direct collaboration with the client.
➡ Motivation and responsibility of teams.

At INVID want to efficiently develop the process of creating your software for your company. By using the SCRUM methodology, we work efficiently, organize the tasks and make the most of our client’s time and investment.