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Over the years, INVID has excelled for its diverse knowledge to meet the needs of different industries in the market. Several solutions have solved the challenges of sectors such as Government, Insurance, and Banking among others. By having several certifications including Microsoft Gold Partner, INVID is one of the leading companies in the country.

  • Automate workflows

  • Get accurate insights

  • Centralize communitions

  • Compliance with the highest standards

Save Money

The efficiently designed software runs faster while consuming less computing power, and it saves employees’ time.

Simplify Processes

People are more productive when software performs repetitive tasks for them and they feel more motivated while contributing value to the business.

Provide Business Insights

Data is only useful when you understand it enough to make intelligent decisions about your next business moves.

Choose INVID for your industry

Explore how over the years we have helped various industries achieve better results. We are sure that we can help you no matter what your need is.


Affordable solutions to improve the services offered to citizen and have better control and security of information.

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Automation of processes so that finance experts can have better management of information and their capital.

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Solutions that improve communication between subsidiaries and the automation of processes for better services.

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The education industry can automate processes including the process of taking and correcting tests and communication portals.

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Developed solutions that are in compliance with HIPPA, ICD-10, and HL & regulations. We ensure good practice and proper.

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The communication industry must remain highly updated in the technological aspects to keep us connected and well informed.

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