7 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Increase Data Protection


The information in the custody of small businesses is way more than just information that is not public knowledge. The scope of this information transcends into the sensitive and private information of both an organization’s customers and employees.

When your company’s cybersecurity is hacked and this data is breached, not only is it a major violation of trust but it is also a significant threat to the basic operations of the business which could lead to a damaged reputation.

Taking action to avoid these breaches and potential damages has never been easier. Taking control of your company’s cybersecurity is as easy as implementing these 7 simple yet effective ways to increase data protection.

  1. Consult an Expert

When it comes to the data protection within an organization, you need to go big or you’ll be sent home. Consulting an expert in matters of cybersecurity ensures that you are getting the best of the best. You’d rather get someone who is an expert in his/her trade than to compromise on the quality of your security.

  1. Conduct Regular Cybersecurity Audits

The simplest way to defend yourself against an attack is by eliminating any vulnerable areas and developing a strategic action plan that can help you to fix them. It is basic self-defense, if you are aware of your weakness, you can work on them and come up with techniques to protect yourself.

  1. Employee Training

Your detailed plan of action is useless if your employees do not know how to identify and report any potential breaches. As such, it is important that your employees are provided with intensive training on the cybersecurity measures within the company.

Not only does this keep those outsider attacks at bay, but it also provides your employees with the tools put a halt to any accidental internal breaches.

  1. Manage the Access to Information

Another simple way to protect your data is to limit access. Much like too many cooks spoil the broth, open access to the secure information gives rise to data vulnerability. Secure the data by limit how much information can be accessed by just anybody.  You are not only protecting the data from an outside attack but also an inside one. Limiting the access internally reduces the risk and damage that can be caused internally.

  1. Encrypt Everything

One of the simplest ways to ensure that your data is protected is by ensuring that everything- both the stored and in transit data- is encrypted. By doing so, you limit the number of people who can make sense of the data thus decreasing the risk level.

  1. Set Regular Software Updates

Cybercriminals analyze software programs for vulnerabilities and exploit those weaknesses whenever possible. The newer the software version you are running, the more protected it is from attacks.

  1. Use Decentralized Networks

You may think you’re secure, but many business messenger and communication systems may be collecting your business data and communication history. For this reason, creating your own secure communication network that has full control over your business data is key to step to protecting your data.

Cybersecurity is a necessity for all businesses, luckily, the necessary measures to ensure security can be achieved in these simple steps.