How a Better Intranet Can Empower Employee Self-Service

What is employee self-service?

This is a HR technology that allows employees to access and manage their payroll and HR information. This enables them to be less reliant on you as their employer. It enables you to concentrate on other important aspects of the business.

An effective intranet should not only facilitate collaboration and productivity but should also enhance efficient employee self-service. There are different ways through which an intranet can facilitate this, they include:

  • Facilitate employees to update their personal information

A better intranet provides the employee with a portal where they can update their personal information. It facilitates them to update personal contact and address information, emergency contact and other relevant information that helps identify him or her. Enabling employees to access this portal through the intranet enables them to continually update their data.

  • Enables employees to access their financial information

Financial information is a vital component of employee self-service. Employees should be in a position to via this information. An effective intranet provides them with a portal whereby they can access their salary rates, raises, and hourly rates. It also allows them to access current pay stabs, review and print W-2 forms and they can effortlessly apply for leave. It also allows employees to change their bank account details for direct deposit purposes.

  • Efficient access to data

A better intranet empowers employee self –service through seamless access to vital data. An employee can access their training material. He or she is therefore in a position to manage his time well and take training at the most appropriate time. The document management feature enables employees to find the relevant information that they need. This facilitates a seamless self-service whenever an employee needs to look up some important details.

  • Enables employees to change their retirement plans

An intranet provides employees a portal whereby they can change their retirement investment plans. An employee can easily change their monthly contribution, can apply for loans and facilitates funds withdrawals.

  • Enable business travel management

An intranet also helps employees to manage their travel schedules. The management is able to update them on their schedules within a short period of time. This helps employees to choose the best appropriate events to attend to meet their work schedules. With such a portal, they do not need to consult you for any upcoming business event.

  • Easy navigation

The streamlined user interface enables employees to access self-service features within a very short time span. The integration of navigation buttons, drop-down menus, and the overall layout facilitate this. To empower employee self-service, you need an appealing interface and not a frustrating one.


An intranet plays a major role in how employees access self-service. Your company’s intranet should incorporate features that let them change personal data, financial information, and access data easily, etc. through the incorporation of this features employees are more motivated and self-reliant.

INVID endeavors to create an effective intranet that lets your employees access all the vital information effortlessly. We create custom-made intranets that meet your company’s requirements and also empower employee self-service.