How an intranet will help your company with document management.

One of the primary benefits of having a company intranet portal is document management. For any business, document management is one of their top requirements. When properly executed, it helps employees find, edit, and revise documents easily consequently ensuring that business processes run smoothly.  Your business intranet network should have the necessary tools to help with your document management.

The following intranet tools help with company document management:

  1. Document Versioning: Keeping different versions of documents while maintaining version control

When multiple employees are working on a document, chances are you will end up with more than one version. In collaboration projects, it is usually helpful for there to be the option of maintaining different versions in order for someone to review the complete history of changes made. Intranet portals that have document management capabilities allow you to track changes on a document and establish where a document is in its approval process.

  1. Document Read and Agree Management

There is content on your intranet that may be essential for all employees, or simply a specific group of employees, need to read and understand. Document Read and Agree on your Corporate Intranet allows you to notify your employees of content, such as policies or procedures, that needs to be read and agreed to, and then monitor who has read that content.

  1. Document Review Management

Part of document management is ensuring up to date revisions and changes are being made.  When the content on your business intranet is continuously being reviewed and updated you know that your site content is fresh and that your employees have the resources they need to perform their daily tasks. Time is not wasted searching through shared drives trying to find the most up to date document.

  1. Document Archiving and Clean-Up

Keep your intranet content clean and lean by utilizing automated content archiving coupled with an automated clean-up utility. The clean-up utility removes outdated content that has a shelf life based on time intervals (every 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.).  Archived content is moved into archival areas which can still be viewed, searched, shared and bookmarked. Removing these items from your mainstream content keeps the site pared down and easier to manage. The whole process is automated for you, all you need to do is simply set the archival and cleanup time intervals and we do the rest.

  1. Document Content Tagging

Content tagging on your intranet and allows you to group content based on similarities or the department they fall under. Content tagged with commonality makes it easier for your employees to find what they need or who they are looking for.  Just like all social features, tagging can be turned on or off within the administrative section of your corporate intranet.

  1. Document Comment and Rating

In relation to document management, allowing employees to comment and rate documents on the material stored in your intranet library can be beneficial in determining the quality of your content and assist other employees in determining which content will be most helpful.

Intranet portals are created to provide document management, the trick, however, is to find the perfect document management tools that will make the best out of your company intranet network.