How to Connect with Remote Employees in an Effective Way


If you are wondering how to boost your remote employee’s productivity and support them, we give you 8 useful tips to maintain them engaged with their duties.


  1. Define Goals for Your Remote Workers

Establish measurable and specifics goals for your remote employees. Avoid misunderstandings being more precise about their duties and responsibilities to make them feel organized.

  1. Encourage Feedback

Set up virtual meetings during the week is crucial to help everyone stay on the same page. Give them feedback and take time to discuss any concerns about their duties or performance. If you want an effective communication with your remote employees, frequently ask simple questions such as, “How can I help you?” or “Do you feel comfortable with our communication?”.

  1. Make Fun Collaboration and Communication

To keep your remote workers engaged, you should add some fun to it. Sharing fun company moments videos, photos, or online activities is an excellent way not only to engage every employee but also to share a piece of your company culture.

  1. Boost Your Manager’s Practices

For remote teams to be productive and involved, managers must understand how remote employees should be led and managed. Encourage your managers on best practices for communicating with your company’s remote workers to maintain organization and productive communication.

  1. Forget About Email Conversations

Emails should not be the primary way of internal communications when you are working remotely. You can implement tools that offer instant communication, such as Yammer or Teams. Messaging and video-conferencing tools can make it simple to check in with your coworkers, reminding them how their work is contributing. Stay connected with your team to be more productive in your work hours.

  1. Keep Weekly Video Meetings

Another efficient way to make your remote work team feel connected is with some face-to-face communication. Since your remote workers can’t come into the office, you can hold weekly meetings with a video communications tool like Teams. This type of interaction will help them form better bonds with your coworkers.

  1. Build Stronger Connections

To build even more authentic connections during your video meetings, don’t talk only about work. Add a personal touch. Allow your team members to share any good news they have or something fun they did on the weekend. This interpersonal interaction could help coworkers feel less stressed.

  1. Recognize Your Team

Recognizing the achievements of your team makes them feel proud of their work. If you want your remote workers to feel more consistent, take the time to acknowledge them. This type of recognition can increase their productivity, as well. You can do this by sending a quick message of gratitude when a remote worker does an excellent job or adding an Employee of the Month program.

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