How to use Big Data to improve User Experience?


So what is Big Data Exactly?

Big Data is a term which is used to refer to a huge volume of data which is both unstructured and structured. This data is of such a huge volume that it would have been almost impossible for the data to be processed by traditional means.

According to the cloud, it has been estimated that about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced just about every single day. According to estimates by experts, it is believe that 40 zettabytes of data could become an everyday thing by as early as the end of 2020. Therefore, Big Data is making changes just about everywhere and is influencing every business. Here are some of the ways a business could use Big Data to improve the User Experience.

  1. Heat Map Analysis

It is one of the most powerful tools which allows a business to monitor the website content right on time meaning that heat maps has the ability to measure just about where a visitor’s eyes or mouse had traveled to allow businesses to get an understanding of what gets skipped by the user and what is catching the user’s attention.

The heat map analysis enables a business to keep track of the performance of the website. It allows the business to create SEO friendly content or a website which has an improved user experience. The business will get to learn from each visitor’s experience and tune the website to the needs of the customers.

  1. Website Search Analytics

If a business wants to get an inside view of just exactly what the customers want or are for on the business website, then Website Search Analytics is just what the business needs. Add a search box on the website to keep a track of what users search for and get a clear insight on what they want. It will allow the business to learn about the desires of various customers and what is most searched.

It allows businesses to create a user experience based on the searches made by customers because if the business does not make the necessary changes or improves the website then customers would just abandon the website.

  1. Traffic Analysis

Another great tool which provides a business with deeper insights is traffic analysis. The traffic analysis allows the business to learn through these insights about how the visual appeal of the website is affecting the sales. One gets to learn about which elements of the website are engaging and which areas require improvement. Traffic analysis also allows one to check the traffic on a competitor’s website.

Businesses will also learn what is it that allows customers to visit their website or the website of a competitor. It allows one to examine the page views, average visit duration, unique visitors, new visits and much more.

Big Data will only grow every year, we must use this data to improve User Experience which will drive more results.