How to increase your Intranet’s usage with BRAND


It is important for a business to know about how to make their website more popular and usable. Corporate intranets do not have the profit incentive which eCommerce websites have and that is why they need to have a better understanding of how to improve the website to increase the intranet usage. If you are a business that is looking for a way to increase the intranet usage then you need to try BRAND.

Why Use BRAND?

One of the reasons why BRAND is one of the best service providers when it comes to increasing the intranet usage of a business is because it encourages collaboration and communication in the company to become more centralized and organized.  It helps in transforming the SharePoint intranet portal with the creation of responsive and modern design.

Features Provided by BRAND

BRAND provides the ultimate integration of SharePoint, Office365, Skype for Business and OneDrive to the transform the workplace of your business into a more intuitive and modern one. You will have complete control over the brand color, images and the logo on the intranet portal. There are various features which BRAND will provide for your intranet portal as mentioned below:

  • Column for sharing any important news, meetings, events and much more.
  • Include an employee directory.
  • Coworker Birthday option.
  • Menu for all the important links.
  • A section for all the necessary documents.

An Intranet Portal by You & For You

BRAND provides you with the best services out thereby turning your dull or mundane intranet portal into something more exciting and engaging for the employees to use. The employees will be able to easily navigate through the intranet portal and know how to find what they need.

Create an intranet portal as per your needs and manage the entire portal on your own with BRAND. Have a responsive design for the intranet to keep it looking good on just about any device or screen dimension. The intranet will be created to be used and accessed on tablets, Smartphones and other electronic devices without losing its quality.

Use the image slider to keep the employees engaged and updated with the latest banners. Add captions, images and even set expiration dates to ensure easy maintenance of the portal. Further, no technical experience is needed to regularly update the portal.

Get Your Employees to Use Intranet Daily With BRAND

BRAND will improve the entire user experience of the intranet portal for your business so as to encourage the employees to use the intranet daily. The best services are provided by the company which is in line with the best practices.

The company offers the fastest way to increase intranet usage. Employees will feel motivated when the intranet portal is engaging and aesthetically pleasing. The employees will also feel like they are a part of the business organization when the employee directory is in place as well the employee birthday section. Use BRAND now to see the difference.