Mobile Development Trends in 2019


As the world becomes more technologically advanced, mobile development is only likely to increase with new mobile models being launched every few weeks. Mobile apps are being launched at an even faster speed, with many new apps being launched on Google Play or App Store every few minutes. There is just about every type of mobile app which is available online for just about every use.

2019 is of no exception, and new mobile developments have already started to show which are impressive and innovative. The latest technology is making everything possible and providing you with the ease that you need. The following mobile development trends in 2019 checklist are one to watch out for.

  1. The IoT: It is Only Getting Smarter

Information of Technology is only going to get smarter, and new innovative solutions are going to be created in 2019. As more and more people use smartphones, it is only going to be a matter of time before all internet activity is going to be through smartphones. Therefore, the latest technology is focused on intelligently amalgamating everything into smartphones.

IoT is set to solve every single problem and is already helping sectors such as transportation, healthcare, eCommerce, and much more.

  1. Acceleration and Mobility

With the amount of information which is available on the internet, it has become even more essential to improve the speed of the mobile devices to ensure that every webpage loads at a fast speed, therefore, it is expected that the acceleration with the mobile functions is only likely to increase. No one likes to wait for even a second more for the web page to load or for a video to load.

The giants are coming up with the latest innovations to keep people engaged with technology and to grab their attention and provide a better user experience. Accelerated mobile pages are the newest innovation trend for 2019. It helps accelerate the load time of web pages for mobile.

  1. Motion and Location Tracking

The innovation for location tracking is only about to get smarter. Although the trend is not new, it is only likely to be a hot topic for 2019 with most mobile companies working on improving the motion and location tracking of their mobile phones. The latest mobile apps all use location tracking for order products to your desired place of delivery.

Without location tracking, eCommerce apps will not be able to operate as they allow you to keep track of the entire delivery process.

  1. Cloud Integration

Businesses have to deal with thousands of documents daily, making it essential to have a platform which allows the company to access the documents and information from just about anywhere.

Cloud integration comes into play here as it allows the business to take advantage of the storage space on the cloud for affordable prices. All-new mobile devices are to come with a cloud integration feature to enable users to benefit from the storage space.