Motivate the Employees to Use the Intranet


The intranet is visible only to the employees as it is a virtual private network. There are certain tools which make it more attractive to use for employees. Some of these tools include events, forms and employee birthdays being shown on the intranet.

The reason why the employees in your company might be not using the intranet could be due to the disinterest or the unattractiveness of the intranet. An intranet which does not have an attractive design and a good user interface is likely to be not used by the employees.

Attractive Design

An attractive design for the intranet is the best way to motivate employees to use the intranet. There are many aspects which come into play and that help provides the intranet with an attractive design. If you want the business to have an attractive design for the intranet then you need to use the services of BRAND.


There is a reason why businesses choose BRAND for designing the user interface of their intranet. BRAND is the leading service provider when it comes to having the intranet designed. Whatever your needs, BRAND will help create an intranet which motivates the employees to use it.

With an experienced and professional staff that is committed to ensuring that your intranet is attractive, BRAND will create an intranet which is attractive and easy to use for the employees in no time.

What will the Employees Find on the Intranet?

When you hire BRAND to create the ultimate intranet for your company, employees will find various tools on the portal such as employee directory which has all information about when the employee joined the organization and the information about their time at the organization.

Another thing which employees will find on the intranet is a calendar which will have all the events of the business for a year so that they can know about all the events in advance. This will motivate the employees to use the intranet and will increase the amount of daily intranet usage.

Include All the Important Features

One of the reasons why employees might not be motivated to use the business intranet could be due to the lack of important features on the intranet which is why BRAND will help place all the important features on the intranet. The important features include a news feed, image slider and much more.

The Ultimate Solution

It can be rather difficult for a business to motivate the employees to use the intranet on their own but with the help of BRAND; the employees will use the intranet daily. It is the ultimate solution which helps integrate Skype for Business, OneDrive, Office 365 and SharePoint making the workplace a modern one.

You will get to decide about all the important choices when it comes to the business intranet as you will be able to choose the brand color, images, and logo on the intranet portal. Thus, making it have a unique and attractive design which will motivate the employees to use it.