How to motivate your employees to use the intranet

The multiple tasks to be done, the disinterest and the unattractive of the intranet of your company are some of the reasons why employees do not participate in it.

The intranet is a virtual private network that is visible only to your work team, and some tools make it more attractive and useful to users. Online consultations, forms and even the calendar of events will make this space one that employees visit.

Here we share some adjustments that we consider to improve the adoption of the use of the Intranet in your company.

1. The content stills being the king

We have heard that phrase many times, but, when we talk about intranet, we have to think about the content. Do not forget to check it regularly and update it to keep your employees interested.

2. A personal touch

Create an attractive space. Do not let your intranet become a slow and ungracious network. Customize your interface with features that are characteristic of your company. Create a space for your peers’ birthdays!


3. Make it accessible

Turn your intranet portal into a responsive one; this will make the content fit the size of the device so employees will be encouraged to access it from anywhere.

4. Make it useful

Consider that this space must have helpful content for your employees. Write a list of features that your intranet must have and make it happen. Essential documents, holiday plans, calendars, and applications are just some of the ideas you should consider.

Integrate a team into a space that brings together all the tools you need. Listen to their main concerns about this space and considerations. Organize a strategic plan and put it into action.

Take advantage of the options that INVID has to enrich your corporate intranet or portal. With our consulting services, we will make your intranet the best place to connect your employees.

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