Office365: Which Tool When?


When you need to collaborate and communicate with your teamwork outside of the office, deciding which tool use to maximize your productivity can be very tedious. The good news is that Office365 offers many collaboration tools that can help achieve your goals in less time being more productive.

In case you are struggling, deciding which tool use, I will explain the most important functionalities of 6 powerful tools provided by Office365 so you can determine which tool suits you better and your organization.

Meet the Tools


Teams have the perfect capabilities to improve your work without compromising privacy and security.

  • Chat

Experience public and private conversations with your teams. Share your opinion and personalize your discussions by adding emojis, stickers, or GIF.

  • Scheduling

Teams give you a detailed view of your scheduled meetings, the timing, the subject, and a list of other persons attending. So, you do not have to question, “Who just joined?”

  • Collaborate from Anywhere

Because Teams is a Microsoft 365 service, you can access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real-time avoiding the stressful “searching for files.”

  • Mobile App

Teams provide a user-friendly app that allows you to chat or text with your team, have a voice conversation, or a video meeting from anywhere.


  • Anywhere Access

Store and shared work files in Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, from all your devices from anywhere. Get things done anywhere with your mobile device, PC, or tablet.

  • Get more with Microsoft 365

Share documents securely and work collectively using the latest versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint across the web, mobile, and desktop.

  • File Recovery

If you are concern about accidental deletes, don’t worry, OneDrive backups your files and so you can quickly recover them.

  • Scanning

Use your mobile device to scan and store documents, receipts, business cards, notes, and more.

  • On-Demand Files

Access all your OneDrive files without taking up space on your PC.

  • Protection Layer

Store important files with an added layer of protection in OneDrive Personal Vault.


Yammer is the best tool for maintaining engagement and effective communication with your workers and organizations.

  • Dynamic Communication

With Yammer, you can quickly build communities of interest, gather ideas, get

feedback, and move forward with confidence in data protection security.

Connect, Engage, Work faster, and Smarter from anywhere with Yammer.


With this intelligent intranet tool, you can manage content, share knowledge, and applications to allow teamwork, quickly find information, and collaborate across the organization.

  • Simple Collaboration

Share files, news, and resources; Customize your site to streamline your team’s work. Collaborate effortlessly and securely with your team group from anywhere, across PCs, Macs, and even mobile devices.

  • Communicate with your Organization

Build confidence and inform your employees throughout your intranet. Drive organizational performance by sharing resources and applications on home sites and portals.

  • Transform Business Processes

Accelerate productivity by modifying processes from simple tasks to complex operational workflows. With SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps, you can create rich digital experiences with forms, workflows, and custom apps for every device.


Send and receive emails in the most effective way. With Outlook, you can always stay productive from everywhere.

  • Search

It’s very easy to find anything you’re looking for. Its integrated search function allows clients to use keywords to find emails, contacts, and dates.

  • Connect with Others Easily

Share your calendar with co-workers or clients. There is no restriction on whom you can share your events or meetings.

  • Stay Organize

Organizing your emails with Outlook into a folder system makes it easy to navigate, avoiding hours wasted searching for an old email among thousands of others.


Planner offers a simple and highly visual way to organize teamwork. Planner makes it easy for your team group to build new projects, organize and assign tasks, share files, and get updated progress.

Also, Planner can be a handy tool for manage marketing events, brainstorm product ideas, track projects, or organizing your team in a more efficient way.

  • Works great with all of Office 365

Because Planner is integrated with Office 365 services, it is an excellent tool for maintaining organize your Office files and your teamwork. Start by attaching your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents to a Card and start editing them immediately.


We can offer your company cost-effective workshops about security, adoption, and best practices for using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and more.



We can offer your company cost-effective workshops about security, adoption, and best practices for using

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and more.