Sharestacks: the perfect way to upgrade and customize SharePoint

So your company is finally ready for that big leap: upgrading and customizing your SharePoint experience.

The market is full of companies that promise to create amazing SharePoint environments. However, some of them create features that never take into account how users interact with technology. Team adoption is key when introducing new technologies, especially with a tool like SharePoint.

SharePoint is an amazing tool that can make a real difference in the way you handle policies, processes, and compliance inside your organization. But this will not happen if your team is not on board with the change or give the tool a chance. For employees to be motivated to use it, it should have some added value for them. This could be added functionalities that simplify their work or processes.

At INVID, we’ve seen almost every use available, so we sat down and decided to create ShareStack, four bundles that meet the needs of most of the customers we’ve encountered so far:

  1. Brand
  2. Comply
  3. Apps
  4. Collab


As you know, this is basically what “out of the box” SharePoint looks like.


Although it looks clean, it might not be as intuitive for some users. This is when ShareStack Brand comes in. With our bundle you will have a responsive intranet portal with your company’s look and feel. Brand offers features that will make your intranet more appealing to users.

  • Responsive design (adapts to mobile)
  • Universal Design
  • Multiple page layouts
  • Taxonomy/navigation to make searching for documents easier
  • Image slider
  • Web part feeder
  • Employee directory
  • Birthday calendar
  • Holiday/Events calendar

The idea is to make it more like a regular website, so users have an easy way to find and share data.


Our employee directory feature is a win for Human Resources. How many times we’ve visited a company’s reception desk, to see the employee directory on paper; which probably is logged/updated manually in Word/Excel, then shared manually every time it suffers any changes?

With ShareStack’s employee directory, you can rest assure that the information is digitally stored and ny updates are always accessible to all employees at any time. This helps reduce paper costs and email exchanges for updates.

If you use Skype for Business from the Office 365 suite, you can open an instant message straight from the employee directory page. The directory also includes the employee’s picture, so that the team can be easily recognizable within a bigger or geographically expanded company.


Many companies start using SharePoint to comply with Quality Management Standards. ShareStack helps to automate human Resources and compliance tasks with ease. How? Using the following modules:

  • Policies and procedures portal: Get automatic reminders to review and approve policies and procedures before the internal audit department give you a finding.
  • Online recruiting: Post job opportunities and document the recruiting process with candidates rating and collaboration between multiple hiring professionals.
  • Employee profile: Maintain a virtual file of all the employee information, including emergency contacts.
  • Employee Appraisals: Allows management to effectively evaluate employees, set goals and objectives and automate the evaluation life-cycle.
  • New Employee On-boarding: Have everything ready for that new resource on that awkward first day
  • Feedback: Allows employees to provide feedback, make recommendations or submit a request from within your organization
  • Online Training: Provide online courses, quizzes and/or exams. When finished employees can print their own certificate.
  • Whistleblower: Accept confidential information of any wrong-doing in your organization.


The days in which an employee had to hand a print document asking for vacations, or any other kind of paid or unpaid leave, are over. With ShareStack Apps, forms and process automation for all areas of your organization becomes a reality.

In many cases there are clients that buy individual solutions to help with these needs. But within ShareStack, the employee uses the same credentials of Office 365 and this decreases IT load because they won’t have to manage different systems/platforms.

APPS provide:

  • Help Desk: automate support requests, group by category and have visibility of all your service areas
  • Expense report form: minimize errors with automatic sums and reports by department, budget allocation, among others
  • Property tracking: centralize assets and business equipment information. Have visibility of where it is stored and its availability
  • Project Tracking: Track and keep projects on time and budget with an easy-to-use interface
  • Absence request: structure departmental vacation requests and have visibility of the employees that will be out of the office
  • Employee Access request: request email account, ID card, system access and others for an employee in a single form
  • Purchase order requisition: automate the process of notifying the purchasing department of goods and services that need to be ordered, including quantity, time frame, and others
  • Facilities reservation: employees can request and reserve a conference room or facility. Availability and approvals are shown in shared calendar.
  • Event participation request: request and get approvals on your participation to the next corporate event
  • Letters request: automate the request of different types of corporate letters such as job Validation, Citizenship, etc.
  • Property Pass: track and monitor when a guest arrives and leaves your facilities and what they are bringing with them
  • Vehicle request: structure the vehicles request and visualize it in a calendar to see company vehicle availability. Keep authorized drivers’ information and receive license expiration notifications.

If you need to automate a process that is not part of our offerings, we can develop a custom app.


Collab are 3 offerings to help you with your Yammer implementation and adoption Path.  If you already have Yammer and you want to know more about the platform or improve user adoption, we can help.

  • Yammer Planning:
    • Guidance to define and structure the use of Yammer for best user adoption.
    • Features Overview Session.
  • Yammer Initial Configuration: Includes the following:
    • Network Policy
    • Groups Creations (Public & Private)
    • Branded Emails
    • Data Retention
    • Keywords Monitoring
  • SharePoint Integration
    • Yammer feed integration with your intranet for better group interaction.


Customizing your SharePoint experience with ShareStack can be the difference between having a useful and interactive intranet or just another outdated tool that simply no one uses. Our stacks have one organizations move faster and more efficiently by working together to make the most of your intranet investment.

Learn more about how ShareStack helps you customize and upgrade SharePoint