The importance of a complete intranet portal

What is an intranet portal?

An intranet portal is a network built using internet technologies. The network is only accessible to authorized personnel within your company.

Intranet portals initially offered meager capabilities such as viewing and publishing of the company’s policies. However, modern-day intranet portals offer more services and are powerful. Some of the services offered are file storage, virtual workplaces, instant messaging and collaboration areas.

An intranet portal can also be referred to as staff intranet or company intranet. If implemented in the right way your company is bound to reap hugely and bring numerous benefits such as:

  • Easy and fast sharing of information

Most companies use emails to update employees on upcoming events and other crucial alerts. However, there is a huge downside to using emails, few employees open them. To mitigate this, you can use an intranet portal to send essential information to all employees at once. Using this platform also facilitates sharing ideas among employees and fosters open communication between them and their seniors.

  • Fosters collaboration and feedback

The interface of the platform mimics a social media platform with the integration of features such as comment, notifications, and sharing. Such features aid employees to respond to disseminated information accordingly. They can seek clarity, contribute and share ideas with colleagues. Also, these features help draw experts in a given area at the right time for the right task. Having a single area where employees access information fosters collaboration since necessary information is accessible to all.

  • Improved customer services

Improved access to relevant and consistent information by your employees can foster a skilled workforce. This can translate to better customer relationship and services since the employees are well versed in their area of expertise.

  • Improves productivity

An intranet portal is ideally the “home” for your employees. The first thing they access when they switch on their desktop is the intranet portal. The platform gives them access to essential tools to carry out tasks for that day. Such tools affect productivity significantly. The employees are well equipped hence motivation levels to tackle issues rises. Some of the crucial tools are emails, calendar, latest events, etc.

  • Builds a transparent culture

To boost productivity, openness, honesty etc. you need to provide your employees with a comfortable environment where they can share their views without fear of judgment. An intranet portal is the perfect platform. It lets your employees comment, like and contribute on matters at hand without fear of being judged. It is also an ideal platform to offer advice and congratulate employees for stellar work done.

  • Increased efficiency

An intranet portal increases efficiency in all work aspects. This is because employees have less paperwork to handle. A substantial amount of work digitized hence reducing time wastage and cost of running your company.


An intranet portal is a crucial component for the success of your company. It fosters collaboration, communication and enhances productivity. However, a successful intranet portal will depend on how involved your employees are. Make sure to involve them in every development stage. You can rest assured they will make the most of the platform. Get in touch with us if you have any issues!