7 things you can do with SharePoint


SharePoint has been a primary player in moving the performance of the business process to the next level. Form by variant has improved, including parts like topology, site, and pages structure, highlights and usefulness, engineering, and some more. Likewise, SharePoint bolsters code fewer conditions, so the less you alter, the simpler it will be to use and relocate to higher performances.

Let’s see 7 Awesome Things You Can Do With SharePoint

1. Documentation Management
– Acomplish something beyond store your archives. SharePoint enables various techniques to share records through its entryway. You can share documents using a list with attachments, share by adding on the home page with links only and share by using Document Management System.

2. My Site – My Site is your company social community where you can post updates, your colleagues, and get-togethers in the organization.

Secure Contents – SharePoint clients can adjust content by limiting the group of viewers. By using the correct access, use the out of the case-control to make explicit content accessible just to selected clients.

3. Mapped folder – You can use any shared data library as a mapped network folder. Employing this, you can spare all machine information straightforwardly into SharePoint without signing into the SharePoint portal. Just duplicate the “shared data library” link it and right-click on my PC and proceed to follow the mapped network folder wizard (you will need to login once).

4. Create your WikiSite – Like Wikipedia, SharePoint has a component called Wiki Site. Using Wiki Site, an organization can manage its articles, business negotiations, item info, departments, and general service information which Wikipedia can’t cover. Just make your wiki content, get it approved, and share it. Simple right? Substitution for Excel – If you keep all your info in excel documents, you may experience trouble sorting out your files. SharePoint list enables you to change the entire information and use it in as many formats as you desire.

5. Website – When you are using SharePoint, you can build a site with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Its web UI enables a business to collaborate consistently with the enduser.

6. Workflows – This is a mini-application that collaborates with SharePoint records, libraries, and sites, and also can be activated by change events, for example, add an update. Workflow can be utilized to replace paper structure forms.

7. Content Editor – You can change pages without using a web design tool like DreamWeaver, asp.net, or even SharePoint designer. Just use the content editor web part to include all necessary page structures, energized contents, CSS, HTML results, and a lot more without opening the page in the advanced editor.

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