Top 3 sessions from Microsoft Inspire 2017

The experience of Microsoft Inspire 2017, held in Washington D.C., in July, provided an opportunity for enriching stories to be made known. INVID was part of the inspiring experience that undoubtedly motivated us to become better providers of solutions that impact.

We have made a choice of the three sessions that had the most impact in the event and we want to share a summary of each of them with you.

1. The Microsoft Security Strategy

In this session, some of the leaders of the digital industry present the topic of security in cyberspace.

As a summary, Microsoft makes an investment valued at $1 billion a year in security. In this session, it was presented how Microsoft’s strategy, based on platform, intelligence, and partners, is the most effective to achieve the security we all want.

Microsoft’s commitment to security involves privacy, control, and transparency through a comprehensive, intelligent and unique platform.

2. Empowering Organizations with Microsoft Azure

In this session, industry experts show how Microsoft Azure technology helped them strengthen and empower organizations to achieve greater goals. In the same way, they show how partners can take advantage of these opportunities to enrich their solutions and do business.

With the help of Julia White, corporate vice president of Microsoft, Azure was presented as a strategic part of the company. This includes: innovation as a response to needs, results-focused design and trusted approach.

For White, innovation is much more than the implementation of technology, it is to bring this tool to a particular need. As explained, this requires direction but also consistency.

3. Taking Risks and Failing Fast: Business Leadership Lessons in the Age of Mobile

In this session, they present the failure stories that have led entrepreneurs to become leaders. For Chris Weber, CVP of consumer-focused business segments, this is based on a very simple and complicated issue: leadership.

Weber puts into perspective the need for a model of leadership that serves as an inspiration for development as an entrepreneur. As a summary, Weber determines that the most important elements of your company are: strategy, business, consumer, and people. All these elements must be based on inspiration, responsibility, and love.

As you could see, these three examples that demonstrate the impact of using Microsoft as a technology tool that helps partners develop innovative ideas.

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