Top 10 Resolutions to Be More Productive In 2019


A key advantage of the digital era is the hundreds of apps available that can help boost one’s productivity. If one of your goals for 2019 is to be more productive, here are some technology-based resolutions that can help you with that:

  1. Create online to-do lists

The beauty of online to-do list services is that not only can you easily edit them, but you can also automatically sync them across all your devices. There are numerous to-do applications that are tailored to all levels of planning.

  1. Take control of your inbox

The best way to improve and declutter your inbox is by setting up some automatic filters and rules. These allow messages to be organized for you. Creating a filter for emails from a specific domain or person easily highlights messages you may need to reply to.

You can also go the extra mile and unsubscribe from those spam mailing lists.

  1. Keep your devices far from you as you sleep

How many times have you woken up at 6 but only got round to leaving the bed at like 8? Nowadays, reaching out for your phone to scroll through the internet is almost a reflex. Put an end to this habit as it makes you waste tons of time that you could put to better use.

  1. Invest in a password manager

In the event that you forget your password, you are likely to waste some time trying to recover your account. The best way to avoid this time wasting is by using a password manager.

A password manager can solve all your password problems. They store all of your passwords in one place and can help you create stronger, more complex passwords. Two of the best options are 1Password and LastPass.

  1. Limit your screen time

In 2018, the operating systems used in both Android and Apple devices were upgraded with digital wellness features. These allow you to properly monitor how much you use your phone or tablet.

Avoid wasting time scrolling through Instagram by using this feature to limit your screen time.

  1. Turn off your push notifications

It is very hard to concentrate when push notifications are constantly popping up on your screen. You don’t need to be notified every time, get rid of these pesky distractions and enhance your productivity.

  1. Utilize your web browser to the fullest

Your web browser is a powerful tool. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all let you add extensions for your most used apps. If you decided to finally use a password manager, an extension will automatically add its features to your web browser.

  1. Track your productive time

Use apps like Timing to track your productive hours. This way, you are guaranteed to make the most of your valuable time.

  1. Note taking apps

Not jotting down important notes can be the detractor stopping you from executing your brilliant idea. Make the best out of your ingenious ideas by using note taking apps. Note taking apps such as Google Keep, OneNote and Evernote can help you record important information and access it easily.

  1. Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts, or quick key commands, are a simple way to enhance your productivity. By minimizing your reliance on the computer mouse you can build momentum by developing an efficient, distraction-free workflow.

Try incorporating some of these ideas into your daily routines. They are simple, affordable and can yield big results.