Learn seven ways that Artificial Intelligent is helping society


Understanding AI

AI or Artificial intelligence refers to an advanced technology represented by computers or robotics. This technology is capable of decision-making, problem-solving, and learning as a representation of the human brain. Years of studies have improved AI interrelates with the human being, generating the trustworthiness of those who use it.

Have you ever wondered how many times have you interacted with this technology without realizing it? The truth is that most of us interact with AI one way or another every day.

Learn seven ways that Artificial Intelligent is helping society

  1. Product suggestions

Usually, while you are on Facebook or Instagram, products and Adds related to a recent search appear randomly.  If you wonder how that is possible, I explain how you are benefiting from AI.

Each time you search for a product or service, a recommendation engine executes and creates a profile of you to predict your preferences. In this way, AI facilitates searches for a future occasion.

  1. Spelling

Be surprised by the delivery of an email or report the last minute can be very tedious because when we are in a rush, we tend to commit lots of mistakes. With AI, you benefit from automatic text correction, avoiding embarrassing errors.

  1. Security

You’ve probably seen movies in which computer software is capable of detecting and making comparisons of faces to identify a person. Not far from reality, AI offers us the service of face detection being a tool much demanded by government agencies.

An excellent example that you have undoubtedly experienced or know is facing recognition as a method of access to a smartphone.  AI has different security options that you can shape according to your security needs.

  1. AI-Predictions

Google Maps has become a solution for those who avoid car traffic at all costs. Thanks to AI, Google Maps can distinguish the fastest route of arrival, giving us the real-time speed of the transit. It also gives us reports of accidents and constructions that you may find along the way.

  1. Saving Time

For all companies, “Time is Money,” so doing a good job on time is imperative. With the implementation of AI, many companies are benefiting, resulting in more efficiency at lower costs because analyzing data has never been that easier.

  1. Chatbots

When you are searching for a product or service on the web, chatbots are an excellent choice for answering questions. The Chatbots are designed to simulate human intelligence, with a series of stipulated instructions, providing us useful information. Today there are chatbots so accurate with answers to their users that they go unnoticed. I’m pretty sure that at least once you thought you were talking to a human!

  1. Voice Assistant

Being productive from the comfort of your bed, couch, or anywhere you are, makes artificial intelligence a revolutionary achievement. We have to recognize that life has become more relaxed with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Cortana. Voice assistants avoid data entry being more efficient in less time.

What seemed to be impossible many years ago, today we know it as AI, becoming an essential tool in our lives without realizing it.