What is Internet of Things (IoT)?


There’s a new internet emerging and it’s poised to change the world again

The Internet of things (IoT), one of the most significant and transformative technologies ever created. This new internet is not just about connecting people it’s about connecting things and so it’s named the Internet of Things.

How does it work?

You take things and you combine the ability to sense, communicate, touch, control and there you get an opportunity for things to interact and collaborate with other things. For example, we as a human being we interact, contribute and collaborate with other people in our own five senses, so imagine things with the ability to sense, touch and communicate and that’s where the internet of people and the internet of things (IoT) intersect.

How do IoT devices communicate with each other?

IoT devices are connected through an IP network to the internet. The devices join through Ethernet — Wireless — or Bluetooth.

What exactly are these “things”?

Think about your Smart Phone… It knows where you are, if you’re moving, how you’re holding it, knows how close is to your face, understand what you are saying and also can communicate on a wireless network. This is an obvious case of how the internet of things interacts in our daily life but if you want to know more about where IoT can be useful I give you some real examples.

Data Analytics

IoT data analytics apps can analyze any type of data to obtain relevant insights for your business.

Smart Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers can make predictions and rerouting algorithms. IoT apps can be useful reducing risks in supply chain management. Supply chain managers can also use this technology for minimizing variations, decreasing costs, and improving profitability.

Barcode Readers

IoT barcode readers can help in inventory management for retailers. These devices can improve the operations of many areas including retail, logistics, warehouse, among others. Using the connected bar code reader will facilitate the process of managing large inventories.

HealthCare System Services

IoT has various applications in the healthcare industry. This technology can be utilized to implement high-quality medical services using smart medical devices. IoT assists in monitoring and maintaining essential data which can help in making medical decisions. This can potentially save the lives of many people.

Internet of Things really matters!

IoT allows many organizations and people to be more connected to the world around us and to do more significant work. Internet of Things (IoT) provides unlimited opportunities for businesses and that’s why the business panorama is gradually changing with the growth of IoT technology. IoT will be the leading technology that is expected to define the future of many industries.

For now, the best thing that we can do is to educate ourselves about the Internet of Things because this technology is here to stay, and the new rule of the future is going to be anything that can be connected will be connected.