What Is Machine Learning Used For

Machine learning is defined as the science of enabling computers to act and learn like human being do which is done by autonomously improving learning by feeding them with data and information in the form of observations from real life interactions. This branch of artificial intelligence automates analytical model building.

The current growth of machine learning comes as a result of:

  1. Computing power

The growth of powerful computers and their ability to remotely connect processing power over the internet now makes it possible for machine learning techniques to process big data.

  1. Algorithmic Innovation

Although machine learning is not a new thing, the new forms of “deep learning” have taken them a notch higher. These layered neural networks have inspired new services and brought about a growth in investments and research into machine learning.

  1. Data Availability

Due to the internet of things over 3 billion people and an estimated 17 billion devices and sensors are connected online. This generates a large amount of data which, combined with decreasing costs of data storage, is easily available for use. Machine learning can use this as training data for learning algorithms, developing new rules to perform increasingly complex tasks.

Machine Learning Is Used For

Machine learning is everywhere, and chances are we have all used it in one way or another. Here are some of the common day to day examples of what machine learning is used for.

  1. Virtual Personal Assistants

Siri, Alexa, and Google Now are the most common personal assistants out there.  They collect and refine data based on your previous interaction with them. Later, this set of data is utilized to render results that are tailored to your preferences.

  1. Social Media Services

Applications like Facebook and Instagram personalize your news feeds with posts and advertisements based on your likes and preferences. These social media platforms utilize machine learning for both the users’ benefit and their own.

Some of the common machines learning applications on social media platforms are:

  • Face recognition- On Facebook, when you upload a picture with you and your friend Facebook automatically recognizes who that is.
  • People You May Know- Facebook uses machine learning to take note of the people who you connect and interact with. With this data, they suggest people with similar interests or mutual friends.
  • Similar Pins- Machine learning is the core element of Computer Vision, which is a technique to extract useful information from images and videos. Pinterest uses computer vision to identify the objects (or pins) in the images and recommend similar pins accordingly.
  1. Search Engine Result Refining

Google and other search engines use machine learning to improve the search results for you. Every time you execute a search, the algorithms at the backend keep a watch at how you respond to the results. If you open the top results and stay on the web page for long, the search engine assumes that the results it displayed were in accordance with the query. Machine learning algorithms work at the back end to produce improved search results.

To simply put it, machine learning is used to consolidate data on the internet and enhance users experience across multiple platforms.