Machine Learning

Machine Learning: What it is and why you Should be Paying Attention

Probably, this is not the first time you’ve heard the term. You’re probably already familiar with some of its aspects and it is certain that machine learning is here to stay. As big data becomes more and more available, machine learning is a must-have tool to understand how the world works. Why? It makes data more manageable while predicting patterns for current and future uses. In an interview with the Boston Globe, MIT professor Tommi Jaakkola, creator of the coveted course Intro to Machine Learning, explained in simple words that:

[tweet_box design=”box_05″ float=”none”] “Artificial intelligence and machine learning are both trying to solve the same thing; how automated systems can learn.” –Tommi Jaakkola[/tweet_box]

Machine learning is now more than ever an available tool for companies, governments, financial institutions, even the public. It allows them to take a great piece of information and learn the secrets it contains. Instead of relying on a person or a team to look for a specific tidbit of info as CSI investigating for clues, machine learning looks into every nook and cranny to presents the info to the user, allowing them to ask the data different questions while the software figures out the answer. It won’t be able to tell you, for example, “therefore a fraudulent transaction has happened”, but it’ll be able to say “this is what all the fraudulent transactions have in common”.

But, it is not limited to the financial world. Machine learning is ubiquitous: from your Netflix account suggestions to how to best determine your credit score to that foreign language phrase you just translated on a website, even on self-driving car technology.

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