What your company can achieve with Power Apps?


Technology is continuously growing and changing how we communicate and operate, and in recent years, versatility has become the focus. In 2017, Microsoft PowerApps was released to facilitate the process for businesses to build mobile and desktop apps. It is software designed to quickly and seamlessly create business applications according to specific business needs.

Microsoft PowerApps provides businesses to build apps that change their manual processes into automated and digital processes, which is simple to use without the requirement of coding experience. PowerApps also allows businesses to securely create, share, and connect their apps and external data sources within a matter of minutes.

What your company can achieve with Power Apps?

It all depends on what your business’s requirements are. There are many benefits to using Microsoft PowerApps; here are the main advantages to start with PowerApps.

  1. Better Data Integration
    By using Microsoft’s common data service (CDS), PowerApps allows your employees to reach business data from over 200 various data sources such as SharePoint, Outlook, Salesforce, Dropbox, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, Twitter allowing workers to efficiently access and share business data no matter their location.
  1. Employees Productivity

PowerApps allows companies to create desktop and mobile apps built for their needs. For example, self-service apps such as onboarding employees and managing payroll information, documentation client data, and processing permissions and requests. In this way, your team can do tasks quickly from their phones being more efficiently.

  1. Security and Compliance

Microsoft PowerApps gives businesses total control via its admin center. This is where companies can see all their recorded apps and administer data policies, permissions, and user control options.

Companies benefit from full security, as every app created in PowerApps automatically links to Microsoft’s active directory domain service (ADDS), which authenticates, allows and enforces security policies for all devices and users. Also, the apps built on Microsoft’s CDS, automatically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

  1. Automated Functions

Companies can automate their functions and processes without the need for hand-operated input. For example, send relevant data and updates to workers and buyers on their phones with push notifications, as seen on social media platforms. PowerApps also provides functions such as reporting and fixing issues, even when administrators are not in the office.

PowerApps integration can help your business in a variety of scenarios depending on your company goals and needs. You can use it to increase the security of your reports or enhance the functionalities of your existing applications. You can do much more with it, and more functions will undoubtedly become available as we discover the possibilities

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