Yammer as a tool to improve your company Organizational Culture

The work environment that you experiment dramatically influences the way an employee performs. An atmosphere of discouragement and disinterest causes most members of a work team to feel the same or worse.

For reasons like these, there are alternatives to motivate employees and to develop positively in a company. Dynamics and teamwork sessions to promote collaboration are part of the options of employers today.

In the same way, there are virtual tools that promote collaborative work and improve the organizational culture of a company. One of them is Yammer, a social network for businesses that each company can implement in its way of working.


1. Integration of departments

Establish Yammer as part of the company culture promotes the integration of departments that were previously unrelated. You can put a link that corresponds to another department, and someone gets it by a tag that you put it in. In this way help others and encourage collaboration.

2. Remove email abuse

Yammer is a virtual space where you can share your knowledge of platforms such as presentations, links, photos, and videos. For this reason, it is a space that serves to reconsider the use of the email in work.

3. It is a digital file

The most prominent advantage of this social network is that it can serve as a repository of resources that can be accessed with a simple search. In this way, Yammer becomes an ally of many who like to send links or keep them!

4. You save time

Having a digital file also helps reduce the time you spend by doing email searches or in papers that you keep in the office. Through Yammer, with a search, you get what you’re looking for saving minutes.

5. Transformation of company culture

With all the possibilities that Yammer has, achieving a change in your company will be possible. You will gain time, and you will have a team of collaborative work.

Get ready to transform the organizational culture of your workplace. Yammer integrates other departments in the daily workflow and encourages the teamwork to be more productive.

In our infographic: “When to send an email message and when to use Yammer?” we simply show you how to identify which option to choose.

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