4 issues that tell you need SharePoint (and how ShareStack has solved them)

Every day you face issues in your company that could be easily solved with the proper deployment of an intranet. This can be tricky, though, since a full solution might be out of budget, your IT team might be overloaded with projects, or you simply have no idea what are the best ways to solve the problem.

There are several red flags that will let you know it’s time to take action; whether it is to start using an intranet or just update functionalities of the one you already have. Let’s see the 4 issues we’ve seen in some of our customers and how we solved them by implementing ShareStack solutions:

  1. Document overload, mismanagement, and lack of compliance:

Small, medium and big organizations generate a lot of documents and have to meet certain standards to comply. Policies, contracts, reports, and human resources evaluations are some of the types of data generated by companies daily. Our customer, “Grupo Universal” in the Dominican Republic, was experimenting some administrative difficulties in document management. Our team started by identifying that the system they were using to manage administrative and corporate documentation was affecting several processes.

What did we do?

Using SharePoint, our team developed virtual working groups that allowed the company’s 2,000 employees to work collaboratively in a more efficient way. Storing policies and procedures was also an issue that was resolved by creating virtual libraries to store them. In addition, we developed a digital file system that saves personnel information in an individual and systematized way.

What was the impact?

  • Budget went under 40%
  • Our solution provided “Grupo Universal” with a scalable platform that will grow with their operation with time.
  • They can find information faster.
  • Improved email usage between coworkers and improved collaboration while increasing productivity.

  1. Simplification of employee evaluation processes:

Evaluating employees is one of those daunting tasks that has to be done every year, sometimes several times. An organization as big a Puerto Rico’s largest publisher, GFR Media, required an efficient system that made employee evaluations comply with their legal requirements and company objectives. Before the update, they were using SharePoint 2013 On-Premise, we moved them to SharePoint online (from the Office 365 platform).


What did we do?

We started by moving them, as we mentioned, to SharePoint online. With ShareStack, we implemented a responsive master page, image slide, newsfeed, home tiles (for easy access to important links), taxonomy, and navigation. GFR Media executives now have the option to conduct employee evaluations with a functional and logic tool that includes notifications, reports, and graphics that make it all easier. Now policies, procedures, and recent news are super easy to find.

What was the impact?

  • Our work improved communication between executives, managers, and employees.
  • By providing better access to records we improved productivity.
  • It gave them more time dealing with the human resource and less managing complicated spreadsheets.
  1. Internal communications are only conducted by email

“Can’t find the email!” is a phrase that is probable uttered more than 100 times daily in an office. ShareStack offers four bundles: Brand, Comply, Apps, and Collab. Collab has three offerings to help you with your Yammer implementation. When you decide to implement Yammer we begin by understanding and defining the best ways to get user adoption and help you create private and public groups to help you manage internal communications in a new way.

We did this for our customer “Grupo Universal”. The company employs more than 2,000 people who needed better ways to collaborate and communicate. Adding Yammer to their SharePoint update made a huge impact in their efficiencies.

  1. Intuition is nowhere to be found

Your SharePoint version is not updated or you never thought it was necessary to customize the experience. However, team adoption gets complicated when users don’t find the platforms intuitive or well-designed. This is when ShareStack brand comes, to create a customized experience that promotes user adoption. And we have already done it for some of “Universidad Interamericana”.


What did we do?

First of all, we migrated them from SharePoint (On-Premise) to SharePoint Online. We implemented a responsive master page, image slider, newsfeed, and taxonomy and navigation as part of our Brand package. This helped achieve the customer’s goal to make the look and feel attractive to your college students who mostly access the Internet on their mobile devices. It made easier for students to access college news and the Blackboard platform to complete their tasks.

What was the impact?

Students can now access information in a more efficient way. They can also navigate in all of their devices, having full access to the data they need.

Issues like these should not be able to slow down your organization. Addressing them with the right solution can be the difference between growth and adoption, or just staying in the past.