What is a Digital Workspace

What is a digital workspace?

The trend of working from virtual spaces and integrating services and tools to perform tasks is increasing. As the office spaces changed, so did the way you work. Each day more employees are turning to the combination of digital tools to effectively accomplish a job. Independent employees and entire companies are some of those who benefit daily from this labor trend.

Digital Workspace

Since 2009 the term digital workspace has been popularized to refer to a collection of virtual tools that, provided by an organization, to allow its employees to do their best work. Although there are many definitions that have emerged in this respect, all agree on the importance of the digital workspace has as its core work efficiency through different technological tools.

Through Microsoft, there are some elements that make a full integration that can enhance the virtual work experience. Tools like Yammer and Teams encourage collaboration and teamwork. Similarly, communication can always remain open via Skype for Business or a traditional email sent in Exchange. All of this can be complemented in a large universe called SharePoint. Through the integration of resources, you provide an efficient working digital environment that in the short and long-term is reflected in productivity, integration, and savings.

You’re probably wondering how you can get a digital workspace. We have developed a magnificent solution that can turn your intranet into a digital space in a very short time. With Sharestacks, your company can have a customized portal that meets local and state requirements and obligations and has applications that serve specific tasks. With a single username and password, you can access all the features with known tools.

But there’s more… We have designed for you a free downloadable INfographic to identify what’s a digital workspace.

What is Digital Workspace