How SharePoint, Yammer & Teams complement each other

There has been a rapid advancement in the field of technology in the last ten years. This advancement has affected our personal lives and the way people are doing business and working. In the recent period, more and more organizations are trying to take advantage of new technology. One of how they are improving their operations is by using collaboration platforms and apps.

When looking for business apps and platforms like this, three names often pop up on our screens – SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams. The best part is that these apps and platforms are complementing each other. Before we go into details, it is the best idea to describe each of these services.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint was developed by Microsoft back in 2001 as a web-based app which is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is usually used as a storage system and document management platform, and it is quite popular in all industries. One of the best things about it is the fact that you can integrate other apps in it and customize the use.

What is Yammer?

On the other hand, Yammer is an enterprise social networking service and app utilized for secure, private communication between members of organizations. In 2014, Microsoft bought Yammer and made it part of Microsoft Office.

What is Teams?

Microsoft Teams, or simply Teams, the new chat-based work-space in Office 365Teams is a platform that offers workplace notes, chat attachments and meetings in a virtual space in real time.


How SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams complement each other?

The fact is that these three apps come with similar features, but certain unique features and options make them different. That’s why it is the best idea to use them all and learn how they complement each other.

First, when it comes to sharing files, Teams is way better than Yammer because it is straightforward to integrate Teams with SharePoint Libraries. That is a massive relief for organizations that use Libraries frequently. On the other hand, if you want to tag any post, it’s better to rely on Yammer because this app lets users tag any post they want – blog style. With Teams, you cannot use tags like hashtags or blogs.

Experts agree that adding Yammer to SharePoint platform will provide a better collaboration experience in any environment. That will lead to improved engagement and innovation across the organization. Of course, to feel these benefits, you must have a good plan and strategy and learn more about each app.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration brings many benefits. Namely, all channels in a team that uses MS Teams include a tab for Files where every user can edit, upload and save files which are later shared with the team. If Teams is integrated with SharePoint then the tab uses SharePoint for storing these files. After the integration, team members can find all the files in one place including daily tools, people, and chats.

Microsoft has eased office collaboration by making these apps and platforms compatible. By using SharePoint, Yammer, and Teams, your organization will become more efficient.