What we learned from Microsoft Inspire 2017

More than 17,000 people from more than 140 countries lived Microsoft Inspire 2017, held in Washington D.C. during the month of July. INVID was part of the activity that annually receives lovers and followers of Microsoft technology to present their latest news. Here we want to share with you some of the lessons that the event offers us during three days.

Hello, Microsoft 365!

[tweet_box design=”box_05″ float=”none”]”This event serves to set the guidelines of what we will see during the year at Microsoft.” -Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO[/tweet_box]

Nadella launched Microsoft 365, a productive merger of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility & Security. This release responds to a modern solution of workspace in the Enterprise and Business versions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Simplify and Produce

In the same way, integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn focused on business productivity. The social network is presented as an important alternative for Microsoft. Its integration enriches the search for contacts, opportunities, and information and helps to simplify processes.

From the side of Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing, it is presented as a tool in development to automate real initiatives like campaigns.

HoloLens: getting better

Innovation at all points is the core of Microsoft‘s essence. The implementation of elements such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence were some of the ones that most impacted those attending the event.

Among the most outstanding presentations is the fusion of virtual and physical reality that helps to create and execute designs through movements. In the same way, AI for Earth was announced, an innovative alternative to working on solutions for the planet.

[tweet_box design=”box_05″ float=”none”]”We are moving forward, we are moving into the future. A world of possibilities!” -Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO[/tweet_box]

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cloud to connect people

With real-life examples, the conference served to showcase countless Microsoft offerings through all of the tools.

With the help of Judson Althoff, Vice President of International Business at Microsoft, companies show their integration with the technology brand. A greater connection with employees and customers and the optimization of operations and the transformation of products were some of the benefits offered by these tools.

Among the companies, Cubic Transportation Systems, BroadReach and USAID and HHPBerlin in collaboration with ProMX were highlighted.

The partner is an innovative agent

Microsoft also introduced its partners as the exponents of innovation in transforming solutions. One of the samples was the possibility of connection and integration in schools thanks to Office 365. Through Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president of Microsoft, she highlighted the role of the company’s partners with the implementation of technology in successful situations.

Finally, the company announced that INVID won the 2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Puerto Rico.

INVID was honored among a global industry of Microsoft’s major partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of solutions for customers based on Microsoft technology. Awards were presented in several categories, with winners chosen from a set of more than 2,800 entrants from 115 countries worldwide. INVID was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services, as well as representing excellent subsidiary engagement in Puerto Rico.

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