How Yammer impacted the organizational culture of “Grupo Universal”

The integration of voices of the employees of “Grupo Universal” in the Dominican Republic and the strengthening of their organizational culture are only two of the diverse benefits that the economic conglomerate obtained with the implementation of the enterprise social network Yammer.

Through this digital tool teamwork is achieved with the union of departments, it enriches the work community and maintains a virtual file of resources that can be easily used and found.

“Universal’s vision is an integrated company of the best work teams in which they take advantage of the synergy between the staff and it translates in the best products and services, in a better job.”; said Rafael E. Izquierdo, Vice president of the Administrative Area of  “Grupo Universal”.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]We all have a voice, we all have a space to be able to express ourselves and, above all, to keep innovation alive within the organization. ” -Christy Luciano, Director of Corporate Communications of the Universal Group.[/tweet_box]

The economic group, with more than 50 years offering financial solutions, saw in Yammer the opportunity to enrich the organizational climate in a positive way. Yammer transformed the way the company distributed its work products, provided an attractive and user-friendly experience, and featured a variety of services that relate to the work of the company.

Ronny Carreras, manager of INVID in the Dominican Republic, explained that after the implementation of the corporate intranet with SharePoint and Yammer, virtual groups were developed allowed employees to work collaboratively. An employee record and a policy space of the company was also part of the implementation.

“Imagine what we can achieve when we all work in a more collaborative, more social and more open way, so it is the goal of Mi Universal Plus. Through the use of the Yammer internal social network we break physical barriers, walls disappear and we all have a voice.”, said Christy Luciano, Director of Corporate Communications of “Grupo Universal”.