Understanding the Digital Workspace

Currently, it is important for companies to have a workspace that allows them to establish effective communication channels, enhance collaborative work and not be limited to the physical structure of a building or office. Breaking the traditional scheme of teamwork, meetings and face-to-face interviews (to mention some activities) offers a competitive advantage that is reflected in the increment of the company’s productivity and efficiency in decision making, thanks to the existence of a digital workspace.

Several tools allow this adaptation to new technologies to be much easier for both companies and their employees. Among them, we can find that Microsoft offers the solutions most used by companies for the creation of effective communication and collaborative channels.

How does the Digital Workspace work?

The digital workspace must offer a communicative and collaborative strategy that increases the efficiency levels of your company. A well-organized and easy-to-use Intranet will allow your employees to work as a team in a more efficient way, or a new system of online job interviews can reduce the time of recruitment and selection of staff, streamlining other tasks of the Department of Human Resources. In other words, implementing the digital workspace means promoting a cultural change in your organization.

The digital workspace uses a wide variety of tools integrated with SharePoint to provide the worker with greater ease and comfort to perform their functions.

Let’s see the following example: suppose you are the Head of the Systems Department of an important institution in your country and that you are currently out of town for a business trip, but there is an unexpected meeting in the company that requires your presence. Thanks to the tools offered by Microsoft Office 365, you can be notified of the meeting through Outlook Calendar and you can be present in it through Skype for Business.

As in this example, employees do not necessarily have to be outside their office to make use of the digital workspace. A worker can access documentation and reports from another department without having to move from his seat thanks to SharePoint libraries, or he can request and share a file through MS Teams.

Similarly, it is possible to reduce email usage and increase collaborative work thanks to the implementation of a corporative social network such as Yammer, which allows you to share information and important resources with the staff of your department, in other specific areas, or the whole company. Additionally, Yammer facilitates the search and use of shared resources and allows a more social integration of the team.

The use of applications in the cloud has also offered endless opportunities to increase collaborative work in all types of organizations. Thanks to these, it is possible that your employees can connect from any computer in the office and continue with the work of the previous day, or from anywhere in the world through any mobile device or a computer with an internet connection. Likewise, it gives the opportunity to implement a Home Office policy and flexible work days, making your company more attractive for the employee.

In order to satisfy the above, SharePoint must be responsive. Generally, it is a process that is expensive for some companies but in INVID we offer Sharestacks, a solution based on SharePoint and Office 365 that adapts to your possibilities and your needs.

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