How to Reduce Email Usage in Your Organization


A lot of people that see the title of this post may think: This is impossible! Emails are used every day more and more!  Well… it’s not a crazy idea anymore, it already happened in a personal way. Do you remember those times when friends share a variety of email threads with a PowerPoint presentation in it about funny stuff or positive messages?  We continue sharing this information, but now we do it through social networks with meme pictures, edited images, videos, etc.  More people are getting tired of receiving too many emails and choose to unsubscribe from marketing lists of some companies.  Now they prefer to view the content in the social media website instead of being bombarded with email advertisements.

Without any doubt, communication in a professional level has evolved too.  In the past, offices would not operate without a fax and now with the arrival of emailing, fax is almost obsolete. Now we use email for everything and we receive so many that sometimes the important ones get lost among those that do not have relevant information.

Reducing the use of emails has been one of the main reasons why some of our customers have been motivated to implement a corporate social network in their companies; the new collaboration trend.

An Enterprise Social Network is a secure and private network where people can communicate, collaborate and share information using social capabilities (Likes, Comments, Share, etc.) that we already know thanks to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others.

Some of the benefits of implementing an internal Enterprise Social network in the company are:

  • Improves communication within the company, providing smooth communication in real time and concise.
  • Improves corporate environment providing bi-directional communication between senior management and employees of the company.
  • Connects employees by providing visibility into projects, initiatives and events of the company.
  • Increases employee productivity, reducing emails and meaningless threads.
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork between employees, inspiring them to contribute with their ideas and opinions.
  • Make a more efficient business by creating a bank of data available when employees need it, avoiding the duplication of tasks.

In our company, a technology business, we receive so much information and news about different platforms, so the Enterprise Social network has helped us maintain our employees informed with the latest news and products references. This also assists us when a new employee joins our team because he/she will have visibility of all information shared prior his/her entrance.  In the same way, the Enterprise Social Network helps the whole team when they need to do some search on a specific topic.

There are several platforms for implementing an Enterprise Social network, one of them is Yammer, the corporate social network leader in the business market and owned by Microsoft, which has more than 200,000 leading companies (including 85% of Fortune 500). This platform is part of Office 365 for Microsoft businesses and has its own mobile application for users.

In INVID, we assist companies to define how an Enterprise Social Network can help them be more productive according to the nature of their businesses, and providing training to employees to learn how to use the network according to the vision of the company.

Do you want to reduce email usage in your organization? Are you interested in implementing an Enterprise Social Network for your company? Have something to add to this blog post? Contact Us!