Why your SharePoint must be responsive

SharePoint is one of the most widely used collaboration platforms in Microsoft Office 365. Its ability to personalize itself position this tool in one of the best places when it comes to working efficiency. It is mainly used to store and share information through the web in a very secure way with other members of the company. In the same way, it can be complemented with other Office 365 features.

The growing consumption of virtual platforms through smartphones is a modality in which we must enter if we want to stay at the forefront of technology. According to a recent and influential Comscore study, the adoption of these mobiles exceeded 80% in 2016.

Many users wonder if SharePoint can work with a responsive or adaptable design on their mobile phones. The answer is yes. We can make SharePoint responsive to mobiles, much more now that most people access most of the virtual platforms through their mobile phones because of the dynamic and busy business ethos.

Through all the features provided by SharePoint, it is possible to substantially streamline work, share internal information and foster improvement in organizational culture.

We can take your SharePoint to the next level!

Although for many people making SharePoint responsive can be complicated and costly, INVID has an intuitive and customized design through our Sharestacks solution. In this way, you can promote the cultural change of your organization and focus on user adoption by providing easy-to-use tools resulting in a more natural and faster way of working.

Additionally, this will allow the user to experience from anywhere through their smartphone navigation and design that resembles the style they are accustomed to seeing from their computer.

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