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At INVID, we think teamwork is the creative spark that sets great ideas to life. We put that innovation into developing custom software that solves your business challenges. We may not be supermen and superwomen, but we sure know how to supercharge your SharePoint (along with all your other software applications). A Microsoft Gold Partner for 10 years, we have twice received a Partner of the Year award, so in a way, we do feel like we bring something super to you.

  • Improve mortgage process

  • Offer an online experience

  • Manage and automate claims

  • Get accurate insights

Management Team

Every member of our team is ready to put their years of experience in the industry to your advantage. We will seek to achieve the best result in the project we do together, ensuring that it meets your expectations of time and money.

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HR Manager

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Sales Manager

Melissa Colón

Service Manager

Starting Point

When I started my internship at Microsoft more than 17 years ago, my Human Resources Manager talked to me about business culture and how important it was for employee morale and for accomplishing the best work you could. At that time, I didn’t understand what she meant until I landed my next job. There, I got what she tried to explain when I . was so unhappy that I left after only five months on the job. It was probably not the right fit for me.

So, when I started INVID, I was sure that it didn’t matter how small or big the company became, the most important thing was to have the right culture. One of happiness in the workplace, work-life balance and encouragement to do the best work.

Today, we continue to encourage employees to have fun at work while building the best software solutions and innovating along the way.

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