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Data analytics formats data into useful information to focus your resources on improving your company’s performance. We integrate management tools, like Azure’s I&A and PowerBI, making it better and more comfortable than ever.

  • Identifies weakness to solve them.
  • Gather data and insights.
  • Drive actions.
  • Measure outcomes.

Improves Services

Critical information will help you develop strategies to optimize your sales and services to improve your company’s performance.

Competitive advantage

Better data analysis will provide you the tools to better understand consumer and client behaviors without disrupting their experience.

Reduce Waste

These intelligence tools help sieve out any additional resources and aspects that are not adding any value to the organization.

SCRUM: Preferred Methodology

SCRUM is a project management framework that puts more emphasis on iterative progress, teamwork, and accountability.

Helps save time and money

With a traditional method and a responsible team, you can achieve wonders through SCRUM. The ability to manage tasks in an organized way and have the planning necessary to reach them, makes it a crucial tool to save time and money. 15-minutes daily meetings ensure the process is at the correct stage, as established at the beginning of the project.

Encourage teamwork

With the power of roles and tasks assignment, this methodology helps us work successfully on a project. The “product owner” and the “team” are complemented by the SCRUM Master, a resource that allows and supports the mission. The possibility of appreciating the progress of the work offers a guarantee that process will be transparent.

It adapts to the company

The SCRUM methodology also provides the possibility of adjusting to the companies that use it. In this way, not only the idea of an organized production of tasks is conceived, but also a plan that goes hand in hand with the company in charge of the project and its characteristics.

Custom Accounting System

Our team built a custom platform where Puerto Rico’s Children Hospital can manage patient records containing services provided by their medical staff. The system offers improved internal reports and an efficient billing system for the hospital’s administrative staff. Improved safety on the campus.

  • Reports automation

  • Billing automation

  • Data centralization

  • Easy to use interface thus requiring less employee


Educational Assessment Platform

An educational assessment using a web application on the Microsoft Azure platform. The test allows administrators to receive results in real time and stores data if internet connection is lost.

  • Provide results in real time.

  • Real-time availability anywhere and anytime.

  • Integrated with Office 365.

  • Combined with cognitive services.


Provide your company with the best tools to make better decisions.

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