When I started my internship at Microsoft more than 17 years ago, my Human Resources Manager talked to me about business culture and how important it was for employee morale and for accomplishing the best work you could. At that time, I didn’t understand what she meant until I landed my next job. There, I got what she tried to explain when I was so unhappy that I left after only five months on the job. It was probably not the right fit for me.

So, when I started INVID, I was sure that it didn’t matter how small or big the company became, the most important thing was to have the right culture. One of happiness in the workplace, work-life balance, and encouragement to do the best work. Today, we continue to encourage employees to have fun at work while building the best software solutions and innovating along the way. 🙂

Alberto Lugo

Founder and CEO


Our Mission is to increase your productivity through the use of technology.

This Mission fuels our Vision to become a world-class provider of global software products and services.

“I did my professional practice at INVID a few years ago and it was great. They made me felt right at home even when I didn’t have previous professional experience.”

Gabriel Rivera


At INVID, we limit time-wasting activities, motivate employees to unplug during weekends and encourage everybody to exercise and eat healthy although we love pizza. 🙂



We are waiting to improve the way you work.