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With the fast transformation in technology and the great competition in the market, the telecommunications companies must have their information systems up to date if they want to succeed. With highly modern and specific applications, INVID has managed to help different companies to have better internal management and at the same time improve customer service.

  • Improve customer service

  • Improve internal process

  • Keep track of equipment

Secure App in the Cloud

Office 365 and Azure are verified to meet the requirements specified in ISO 27001, European Union (EU) Model Clauses, the HIPA BAA, and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) to name a few.

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Data encryption

  • No mining your data for advertising

  • Uptime service commitment

  • Rights management service

  • Data backups and redundancy

Cellphone Company Intranet

A custom intranet portal that offers all employees a digital workspace where they can access the most crucial information in one place. Manage security policies, telecommunications and more from your intranet by keeping track of how many employees have accessed the documents.

Emergency Operation Center

With the Emergency Operation Center, telecommunications companies must have a modern portal where they can follow hurricanes and other natural disasters. In case an antenna is affected by the natural disaster, or another climatic problem, the system will alert the managers so they send technicians to repair it as soon as possible.

Customer Service Portal for Satellite TV Provider

A custom software where the loan officers can fill electronic forms with client’s information and obtain an accurate estimate of the amount of money that can be granted. With a secure database, all the data can be stored and used for further reports.

Let our hands-on team build the necessary tools needed to keep the world connected.

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