Custom Development and Modernization

Insurance companies must have specialized systems and in compliance with the most stringent laws. Through the automation of different processes, they guarantee the reduction of errors and better use of time to be able to use it in other tasks. Over the years, INVID has offered the Insurance industry a wide variety of services including automated apps modernization that fulfills specific functions they need to be successful in audited markets.

  • Reduce paper usage

  • Manage insured documents online

  • Automated workflows

  • Get accurate insights

Dynamic options

Through different processes, each company strctures its modus operandi to ensure that it delivers the best service to its customers.

Digital Workspace

With an intranet, reduce the internal use of email as well as processes such as vacation requests or documents. In turn, encourage collaboration between teams.

Self-Service Web

A well-designed website or portal can provide users with the precise tools to manage their specific policy or plan. In addition to this, you can offer valuable information that answers questions.

Modern Apps

The change in technology lets us to keep upto date with a competitive advantage. The use of modern apps lets you offer a better service, take better decisions, and more.

Roadside Assistance Alert

A system for users to send their location in case of emergency on the street, accident or any other altercation. The people in charge of the management monitors identify the situation and dispatch the relevant professionals to help the affected user.

Modern Digital Workspace

A modern, responsive and dynamic workspace. SharePoint and Yammer provided the perfect combination for the centralization of insurers internal communications.

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