Project Description



A new portal that offers all-new web features and services to MCS’ users and members. The tool empowers the service personnel with the right set of tools to continue to provide the excellent customer service and improve client relationship management.


MCS is the fastest growing company in the health industry, offering a great variety of corporate and individual health plans. They also offer custom-made products and guarantees competitive rates that satisfy all health care needs.


Their system’s portal had been outdated for some time, mainly due to its high maintenance costs and its outdated technology. As time changed, so did MCS. MCS needed an informationive page and content repository that would fulfill their requirements for storage, retrieval, and disposition efficiently through the new website.

A new fresh format was required for their Internet-based content. The new internet portal would provide users with a simple, easy-to-use interface for managing information, pages, and content. It should also incorporate templates in order to facilitate navigation and site branding, for a uniformed corporate internet site.

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The new portal launch was transformed into a fully integrated service solution for both the company and its clients. The change also included a complete redesign of the portal, expanding its ability to offer better information for their clients, providing various online forms, and a secure area for its members where they can view their customized information and online generated reports.



As part of the development of the MCS project, we worked together with Populicom; an important agency focused on UX. Seeing as they were already working on a project that required the use of SharePoint with especially high-security levels, Microsoft directly recommended the connection of us (INVID) with them.

The portal automates many services that were not in place before. This will empower the Service Personnel with the right set of tools to continue providing excellent customer service and improve client relationship management. Furthermore, the new website responds to MCS’ functional and content needs, converting it into a central communication platform. This added feature is a powerful way to improve relationships with objective groups and use as a day-to-day operational instrument.

Taking full advantage of SharePoint Technologies, low cost of ownership and maintenance, the help of Microsoft and our creative team, the portal can be easily upgraded with new features and functionalities for future applications and services. Having the corporate internet portal in the SharePoint environment has made the impact on MCS beyond just the screen. Now, productivity and the best customer service are possible thanks to its easy user interface and features that provide clients with their insurance plan information at any time.

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Microsoft SharePoint
Windows Server R2
Enterprise Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SharePoint Designer
InfoPath Designer


“There are two things I found especially valuable when working with INVID. One is that they improve ideas with their technology; they always find ways to make things work. The other is that they are open and honest. We can sit, talk, and solve any conflict that may arise, and that is especially valuable to me. They are a reliable partner that we can trust.”

Guillermo Paz, President at Populicom


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