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The INVID Digital Workspace Difference

For several years, privacy and security experts have been championing “security by design,” which means building security into any product from the beginning of the design stage.

This lowers the risks of a breach, which is more likely to happen when security and privacy are tacked on at the end of development. It also ensures that your custom software will comply with security and privacy requirements for your industry.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, INVID is required to maintain a strict set of credentials that includes annual training and completion of multiple annual exams for both cloud and on-premises application development, as well as participate in customer reference checks.

IN fact:

Azure is the choice of the United States government, which ought to know something about security and ease of use.

See what our customers say…

“With the digital workplace that SharePoint facilitates, INVID was the key partner in helping us reinvent productivity, centralize information, improve employee collaboration and speed the implementation process.”

EPR Analyst
Puerto Rico Department of Health
“INVID was such a great support to our team. They showed us the best way to present ‘Universal Plus,’ our SharePoint-based intranet solution. INVID was our go-to partner for those challenging situations that took place during the engagement, finding the best possible solution without compromising schedule or budget.”
Corporate Communications
Grupo Universal
What is a Digital Workspace

What is a digital workspace?

The trend of working from virtual spaces and integrating services and tools to perform tasks is growing. As office spaces change, so does the way you work. More employees are turning to the combination of digital tools to effectively accomplish their work.




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