SharePoint & Collaboration

SharePoint & Collaboration

Numerous studies indicate that people feel more rewarded by achievement and recognition than money… meaning that an organization providing an enhanced virtual work experience will attract and retain the most motivated employees.

INVID specializes in solutions that set teams free to do their best work… giving employees pride in their performance.

SharePoint: What is it all about?

Is your company using SharePoint or plans to in the future? Would you like to know more about SharePoint as a content management system (CMS) to stay ahead of the curve?


INVID employs talented developers who have extensive experience designing secure SharePoint solutions that place all necessary data within easy reach of authorized users. We have developed award-winning modules that easily plug into SharePoint, increasing your time-to-value. Our SharePoint solution is easy to use, which improves user collaboration and productivity (meaning it saves you both time and money).


Since INVID is a certified SharePoint Professional Planning Services (SDPS) provider, you can use your Software Assurance (SA) benefits to reduce your investment.


Learn something every week. Our team shares topics of interest, tips and tricks and downloadable material to facilitate processes and increase knowledge.


We are waiting to change the way you work.

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