Some advantages of PowerBI and Flow together 


Of the three applications, Power BI, Flow, and PowerApps, Power BI may be the most recognized and worked as it has become a self-service business intelligence visualization solution for many organizations. Holding 43 languages in over 18,000 cities over the world, Power BI supports nearly ten petabytes of data from different sources that include tried and true Oracle databases, Excel docs, SAP or Salesforce applications, and many of proprietary technologies. You can make sense of your data, produce beautiful reports, and uncover hidden insights for your business.

Next up is PowerApps, which is described as a “citizen application development platform.’” PowerApps tie into Power BI data to create mobile and web apps catered to the specific data collected and processed. With a closed-loop development cycle between Power BI and PowerApps, businesses can continuously analyze and redistribute data from the cloud to the apps. With this app you can listen in as peers talk through how they have built apps that extend and adapt their business using the no-code PowerApps alternative.

Finally, but not least is Flow, which a product that was developed to cater to the growing interest of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which enables employers to automate workloads. Easy automation has an ever-increasing interest in businesses as they look to optimize easy tasks to reduce expense costs. With Flow you can discover how to automate your business processes in a more efficient way.

When all three combined, the Power Platform will enable businesses to unlock insights that many can convert to clear action plans across the web and mobile applications, while simultaneously distinguishing areas of streamlined opportunity through automation, creating a “powerful system of continuous improvement.” Expand your world of knowledge, grow your network of connections, and be prepared to become the Power platform master you were meant to be.

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