The development of the technology industry in Puerto Rico is increasing. Its constant growth before a changing and unstable economic future represents for many a hope and a challenge.

With this in mind, the Puerto Rico Cluster of Information Technology presented the fourth edition of its CIO & IT Leadership Conference, an event that serves to present the current state of this field in the Island, learn success stories of local innovations and establish alliances with related companies.


was present in such an important event and for this reason we present a summary of what we learned.

We need more technical and professional talent

The secretary of the Department of Economic Development of Puerto Rico (DDEC), Manuel Laboy, said that the island should become an attractive destination for the negotiation and creation of technological industries.

Laboy said that given the economic uncertainty experienced by the country, it is necessary to support the small and medium business sector. Likewise, he said that the most important thing to do is to foster the growth of the industry with greater talent and better employment opportunities.

Technology industry strengthens with alliances

The ecosystem of technological innovation also undergoes transformations in the wake of the economic crisis experienced by Puerto Rico. However, organizations have been developed to encourage the creation of companies that have technology as the main engine.

Initiatives such as Parallel 18, become opportunities to improve Puerto Rican employ ability and create strategic alliances involving the private sector.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]”Our social approach is to develop talent.” -@LucasArzolaPhD[/tweet_box]
“Our social approach is to develop talent.” commented Lucas Arzola, CEO of Parallel 18. With his effort, he has been able to get international companies to receive advice and offer employment opportunities in Puerto Rico.

Luis Torres, founder of Engine – 4, specified that creates initiatives like these promotes the permanence of the young professionals in the Country.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]”We must develop more alliances and unity so that the talent stays.” -@engine4cws[/tweet_box]

Education is a key issue in this line for Sofia Stolberg, co-founder and CEO of Piloto 151. For this reason, she established as a complement the Codetrotters project, an opportunity that enriches the technical knowledge of programming.

Similarly, education in computer science is essential to the future of a country for Christina Wallace, vice president at Bionic. According to Wallace, it is important to encourage the focus of educational efforts since childhood. Experiment and explore computer science from a young age improve the integration of technology in the curriculum of schools.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]”It’s not  that more people work in technology, it’s that every day more people get involved in the industry.” -@cmwalla[/tweet_box]

Technology is the answer to many problems

Faced with a reality of businesses that do not have everything it requires, it is this industry that in many cases can become an ally. “The best technology is what leads to what you want from a business,” said Aurelio Alemán, president and CEO of First BanCorp. In the same case, cities can enrich the way they mobilize their inhabitants.

According to Juan Andion, general manager at Uber Caribe, the service it represents is a great opportunity to insert technology into cities.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]”UBER can represent the complement to public transport. unkown cities have a chance at UBER,” -Juan Andion, @Uber Caribe[/tweet_box]


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