Security, technology implementation in the agencies and emphasis on collaboration in the industry were three of the main issues addressed by representatives of the Government of Puerto Rico at the CIO & IT Leadership Conference of the Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster.

Several government leaders presented their main missions with the idea of ​​promoting Puerto Rico as a destination for the technology sector and creating a governance structure with an emphasis on this industry.

Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló


Collaboration between sectors

Ricardo Rosselló, emphasized the collaboration of all sectors that can help to improve the country in a creative and trans-formative way.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]”For me it is indispensable that we can count on technology and scientific knowledge so that we can do great things. Our government will be open and we want to listen to this sector to help us grow. We do not want to be a further obstacle. In technology and innovation is the opportunity to create a better Puerto Rico.” -@RicardoRossello.[/tweet_box]

In addition, the secretary of the Department of Economic Development of Puerto Rico (DDEC), Manuel Laboy, said that it is relevant for the country to become a destination for the technology industry. For this reason, he emphasized promoting changes that strengthen incentive laws for small and medium-sized traders.

Security in cyberspace

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns, said Luis Arocho, Chief Information Officer of Puerto Rico. For this reason, Arocho specified that the government should have technological specialists from various branches such as education, health, contracts and security, among others. Education and health are two priorities that the CIO is working with in the area of ​​technology, according to Arocho.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]”We are working on a platform integration for the use of teachers and students.” -@laarocho[/tweet_box]

Luis Arocho


Integration of agencies

Both, Arocho and Rosselló, detailed the importance of having trained personnel to strengthen the implementation of technology in government. That is why they both named Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS) as a response to the integration of agencies with the support and skills of local talent.

“We have created the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Services to have a group of the best minds inside and outside the government who can collaborate on different topics. This for me is urgent and indispensable,” Rosselló said.

For his part, Angel Quiñones, director of Deloitte Consulting LLP, said that the possibility of making innovations in the governance structure is fundamental to develop improvements in agencies.

[tweet_box design=”box_09″ float=”none”]”Digitizing a government is not about putting things on the Internet, it’s more than that. It’s about changing the way things are done.” -Angel Quiñones[/tweet_box]

Quiñones said that leadership, organization and management are the keys to achieving success in a technological implementation at the governmental level.