The vacation plan process your company should have

The moment of requesting vacations arrives. For some, it becomes an opportunity to take a break from the office daily chores. For others this means paperwork, hours of planning, spending money on staff and a never ending process of signatures and authorizations.

But what if the whole process could be done electronically?

INVID offers a tool that makes possible to request vacations online through ShareStack, a service that improves the corporate intranet portal.

Through this tool, the company can manage absence requests by department and have immediate visibility of those employees who will be out of the office. Likewise, it can be customized per the requirements of the company with a menu of options.

The application is completed by filling a form with basic information of the employee with the desired dates. This not only streamlines the process of requesting vacations, but also becomes an ally of the company’s human resources department by establishing a simple and dynamic way of requesting days off.

The approval process is reduced to a technological integration. The supervisor in charge of authorizing the request receives a notification, thus simplifying the action. There will be no more papers, no “bottlenecks” and therefore there will be no extreme costs in time and money for the company.

Additional tips to keep in mind when making your vacation plan:

  • Establish the needs of your company: Know your company and organize the priorities you require.
  • Customize your calendar: Adjust the options of your tool to those of your company. Take into consideration the peculiarities of your work team and its unique characteristics.
  • Structure your agenda: Organize the events of the year in your work and take into consideration each of them when you are going to approve the vacation dates of your team.
  • Educate your team: Guide your employees on how they should work with the tool you select. Set up an instructional workshop with your team members to understand the tool and put it into practice.
  • Get the right tool: Try to acquire the right tool according to the peculiarities and the budget of your company.

INVID establishes a quick and effective alternative when facilitating a vacation plan process. Reduce expenses, save time and manage a solution that fits your company with a personalized tool.

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