5 Benefits of having an Intranet

It’s been 6 months since Sam ditched the use of emails and cut back on meetings in his company. He has witnessed an increase in productivity and collaboration within his company. What was the secret? Sam discovered the power that an intranet has to enhance motivation.

Like Sam, you can also tap into these benefits that an intranet presents to a company. Even though they are the unsung heroes in most companies, they have proved that when properly employed they can have a positive impact on your business.

So, what are some of the benefits of an intranet?

Benefits of having an intranet

  • Improves communication

Unlike old intranets that had more downfalls than benefits, modern intranets improve internal communication within the company. Your employees can share ideas, have open discussions, management can easily update employees, etc.

The best part is that the communication is two way. Both the management and employees can engage with each other. Therefore, the intranet streamlines your corporate communication.

  • Helps employees find information

Intranet facilitate prompt dissemination of vital information. Employees can get latest updates about meetings, seminars, team building events, etc. due to its easy to navigate platform, they’re able to access this data within a short period of time.

The search tool present in the intranet also enables the employees to find the necessary information in relation to their search query. All this information helps your employees stay in touch with the soft side of the company.

  • Information and document management

Swift corporate communication is facilitated by proper information and document management. An intranet organizes your company’s information with laser precision. It enables employees to view information seamlessly on the dashboard.

In addition to this, the intranet prevents information overlap hence the employee works with what he or she needs. The filling system is also facilitated by the intranet’s document management by tagging your files.

  • Process consolidation

An intranet mitigates the need for numerous software to carry out tasks such as accounting, human resource, and marketing. It integrates them into one system hence enhancing efficiency that translates into larger profit margins. This cuts back the company’s expenses enabling channeling of funds into other crucial components of the company marketing.

  • Reinforces your brand and values

An intranet is the most appropriate platform to reinforce your company’s values. It provides you with numerous ways to put your company’s values upfront. It does this by recognizing employees that live out company’s values, facilitates sharing of relevant web articles that enhance your company’s values and facilitates employees to share some of the values they encounter in the workplace.


An intranet is an essential part of your company. It enables your employees to share information, find relevant information and engage the management. It also streamlines collaboration within the workplace enhancing productivity and corporate communication.

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